9 - Reflections

Taking stock of Circular Glasgow so far.

Demonstrating what is possible in practice

Collaborations, such as that between Jaw Brew and Aulds Bakery, provide tangible examples of what can be achieved. By providing collaborative opportunities that assist the creation of pilots, Circular Glasgow supports peer-to-peer learning, the potential for new ventures and the development of resilient business models.

Discover the Circular Glasgow story so far:

Supporting local businesses by providing an enabling environment.

Integrating circular practices often requires a willingness to experiment and try new ways of operating, which can compete with existing priorities. However, businesses have demonstrated an appetite exists for convening, partnering and learning together.

Circular Glasgow’s broad engagement across multiple sectors is key to creating environments in which organisations can connect, while also being signposted to strategies and financial support.

Designing a city initiative that can be expanded regionally.

Learning from the Circular Glasgow experience, Zero Waste Scotland continues to apply a similar approach in cities across Scotland.

By applying bespoke city scans, key city priorities and economic activities can be addressed. Expansion of the programme further complements the vision set out by the Scottish Government in Scotland’s Circular Economy Strategy 2016 ‘Making Things Last’.